May 15, 2014

Keep Calm And Hire A Planner

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be both expensive and at times stressful, but why hire a planner when you can just do it yourself?  Maybe we are a little biased (because we are obsessed with our jobs), but we think hiring a wedding planner should be at the top of your wedding checklist.  

Planners are not just for the big budget wedding, they are for everyone and offer everything from full event design, to partial design, to day-of coordination.  Having a planner can not only save you money and time in the long run, but they also just might save your sanity!  

A Venue Coordinator is Not A Wedding Planner
There is a common misconception that a venue coordinator is like having a free wedding planner- they are not.  Don’t get us wrong, venue coordinators are a big part of making your venue(s) perfect for the day, but they will not be assisting you through the whole process. Once your site is booked, it’s likely you will have little contact with them until the month or two leading up to the event.  Venue Coordinators could have as many as 5 events the week of your wedding and they have to be able to give everyone equal attention.   A wedding planner, on the other hand, will coordinate everything from start to finish, on and off site.  We can’t speak for everyone, but Your Jubilee planners try not to book more than one event per weekend- so that bride knows she has our undivided attention.  

Setting Your Budget And Sticking To It
When you start planning your wedding it’s easy to accidentally let your budget skyrocket.  Planners can help you set a realistic initial budget based on your ideas for your day.  They can also help you break down the budget, allocating percentages for each element of the day.  A planner will let you know in advance where to expect to spend and where you can save.  By the day of your event you will have stayed within a comfortable budget, but still have the wedding of your dreams.  

Vendor Relationships
There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of vendors in any given category.  It takes time to research vendors and figure out who you might want to work with!  Wedding planners spend a great deal of time getting to know and working with vendors.  They pride themselves on knowing who is going to be the right fit for your budget and your taste, as well as who is reliable.  Plus, these relationships usually involve a discount.  At Your Jubilee, we pass any discounts on to the couple and never take kickbacks from our vendors.  We want to save you money and time!

Serious Time Savers
Chances are you and your significant other both work full time jobs.  Setting up meetings with vendors and coordinating schedules can be a big time suck.  Let’s be honest, the fun part is tasting the cake, not setting up the tasting!  Let your planner serve as your personal scheduling assistant.  They can not only set-up and attend your vendor consultations with you, but also remind you of when payments are due and keep all the logistics organized.  

A Planner Is Like A Walking Wedding Encyclopedia
Not sure how to address your invitations?  Not sure what a pomander is? Not sure what the fine print means on your vendor contract?  Not sure how to handle uninvited guests?  Your planner knows all the answers.  Your planner have all the wedding answers and she will also give you her honest opinion if you ask for it.  Sometimes a bride just needs a sounding board- so sound off! 

Planners Solve Problems
No matter how much time you put into planning, dilemmas still happen. Planners are prepped and ready to solve problems in a jiffy.  We come with emergency kits to get wine stains out of wedding white, resew a button, handle scheduling crisis’ and manage any other issue that might come about!  Hopefully the bride doesn’t even know there was a problem until it is already solved.  Planners are kind of like wedding super heroes- without a cape.  

You Get A Built In Mediator
Wedding planning can be stressful on a couple and their family when everyone has an opinion.  Planners can share their experience and knowledge to help come to a decision.  Sometimes planners can also be a tie breaking vote on a particular subject.  Your wedding planner will know just what to say to smooth over any dispute, even if it’s just about table linens.  

Refining Ideas
You have probably spent your fair share of time on Pinterest collecting ideas for your special day.  Wedding planners literally do the same thing all day.  They attend conferences and pull inspiration from everywhere.  They know how to make things work and they know when something just isn’t going to be right.  Your planner can help keep you focused on the bigger picture and what ideas will fit with the overall feel of your wedding, keeping you from suffering from Pinterest anxiety overload.

For The Little Things And The Big Things
Need a breath mint? Your planner has one.  Need to find your lipgloss? Don’t bother your bridesmaids with this task, your planner will keep it for you.  Need to make sure your vendors get tipped?  Give their final payments to your planner to be distributed.  Is the dance floor getting rowdy and dinner hasn’t even been served yet? Your planner will sense this and let the DJ know to tone it down.  Afraid you’ll forget to get that perfect picture you’ve been dreaming of?  Your planner won’t forget. You have more important things to remember- like your vows!

Your Planner Isn’t Just for You
You planner isn’t just going to make your life easier.  She’s going to make your parents’ lives and your bridal parties’ lives easier too.  Mom won’t be running around trying to set up the venue when she should be enjoying the time with her daughter.  Your bridesmaids won’t be setting tables instead of sipping champagne and reminiscing about how you and your fiance met.  You won’t be worried that things aren’t getting done.  Your planner will make sure she knows every detail of your day.  She’ll know what each component should look like.  She’ll keep her eye on the time so you don’t miss any of the important parts of your day.  Parents tell us all the time, that spending the day, worry-free with their bride or groom to be is priceless.  Even if you do all the planning and designing for your day, give yourself, and everyone involved in your wedding day, the gift of peace of mind by hiring a day of event coordinator. 

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