November 1, 2017

Junior Bridesmaids: Why You Should Include Them in Your Wedding!

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I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about something within a wedding that does not usually get a lot of attention: Junior Bridesmaids!  These young ladies generally range in age from 9 to 14 and are usually considered too young to be a regular bridesmaid and too old to be a flower girl.  Many couples have nieces, cousins or siblings that fall into this category who they would like to have included in the wedding while keeping things appropriate.  There are several benefits for both the bride and groom AND the girls asked to partake in this honor.

-Benefits for the Bride and Groom-

Electing to have a junior bridesmaid participate in a wedding can bring many joys to the bride and groom.  Many couples have young family members who fall into an age range where neither the title of bridesmaid or flower girl will quite do.  To ensure that these special ladies are included in your big day, a junior bridesmaid position is the perfect option.  This allows for the girls to be an included, appreciated member of the bridal party while still maintaining that they have an appropriate role for their age.  Couples can also elect to have several junior bridesmaids from both the bride and groom’s sides of their families which can further unify all parties and include as many people as possible.

-Benefits for the Junior Bridesmaids-

For any girl, being asked to be a member of a bridal party is one of the kindest gestures ever; especially for junior bridesmaids.  While the fully-fledged bridesmaids understand the meaning behind being in one of their closest family members/friend’s weddings and flower girls are often too young to fully comprehend what exactly their roll is, junior bridesmaids take their task very seriously.  Many see it as a great honor and a rite of passage into the world of grown-up women.  Many brides include their junior bridesmaids in activities such as dress shopping, rehearsals and other pre-wedding activities to show them the value and importance of their roll.  I can say from experience that being asked to be a junior bridesmaid in my uncle’s wedding was one of the moments that truly sparked my passion for weddings.  Being able to have the same matching dress, shoes and bouquet as the other bridesmaids and standing on the altar during the ceremony definitely left me with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Giving young girls the opportunity to physically see that they are a valued member of one of the most important days in someone’s life can bring joy to both the couple and to one very excited junior bridesmaid.


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