May 8, 2014

In Bloom: May

First we would like to wish our moms, and all the moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!  Mother’s Day got us thinking about flowers.  Here are a few tips for future April/May brides about choosing your flora!

When planning your wedding flowers, it’s important to know what’s in season.  Choosing flowers that are in season will also help you save a little green. Here are just a few of the beautiful blooms to choose from in May.  

Gerbera Daisies

Aren’t Gerbera daisies just one of the happiest flowers? They come in just about an color and just scream Spring!

Alstromeria come in orange, pink, yellow, green and other colors.  They are a great choice to add a little tropical flair to your bouquet thanks to their bright hue!

Remember how we said Gerbera Daisies were a happy flower, Sunflowers definitely rival them for the title of happiest flower.  The Sunflower is a great addition to country themed weddings.  Paired with Lace and denim, these beauties are a knockout!

Orchids are available pretty much year round, but colors can vary.  Orchids are one of the more pricey flowers, but also make a beautiful bouquet or accent.  


 Roses are a wedding staple and since the color choices are endless it’s no wonder they are a part of so many weddings.  

Calla Lilly
The Calla Lilly is a regal flower.  It makes a beautiful accent, can be used submerged in a centerpiece or stand alone in a bouquet.  

These bright blooms are just beautiful this time of year.  There are may different types of Iris’ and they come in various shades and sizes.


 Peonies are one of the most romantic flowers.  Their softness makes for a delicate and feminine bouquet or centerpiece


Don’t tulips just remind you of spring?  They come in a rainbow of beautiful shades and can create beautifully modern but whimsical tablesscapes like this one.

There are lots of flowers in bloom this time of year, so be sure to ask you planner and florist what will be in season for your special day.  

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