April 21, 2017

Huxley The Hedgehog


Hi friends, welcome to my very first blog post!

My name is Huxley, but go by Hux, and I’m a Hedgehog!


I am now the little (and I mean little) bit of testosterone gracing these lovely ladies as the first Jubillad to the Jubillettes! First of all you’re probably like ‘what the heck is a hedgehog?’ ‘Is this some sort of mini porcupine??’ ‘what is all over your bodies?’. Well today I get to tell you a little bit about Hedgehogs and the life of me! Hedgehogs are pretty widespread, found in Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand. I am an African Hedgehog, like most hedgehogs in America. A few of us are in the wild, but in America a lot of us are pets and have our humans to take care of us! Our bodies are covered in quills, they are the long pokey things, on average we have about 5,000-7,000. No, we can’t shoot them out of our bodies… but how awesome would that be, like spiderman, but with quills! Back when I was a 1 month old hedgehoglet (We have many names for when we are babies: Pups, piglets, hoglets) I started quilling, my baby quills left and my adult quills came in. Quilling is like when you humans lose your baby teeth and new ones come in. I turn 1 year old on May 13th, am full grown, can still fit in your hand, and am practically an adult hedgie already!


Annnd of course since I went back in time here’s mom with the baby pictures…

(Okay, but like how can you not love him with how cute he is -Tay)

I have hard time seeing, so I heavily rely on hearing and smelling. My nose goes crazy when food is near, but like who isn’t food driven?? On the regular I eat special hedgehog food, but I have a few treats that I love. It may sound weird, but I love cat treats! There are only certain types we can eat, but man do cats luck out on those things. On the more healthy side I can eat a few fruits and veggies, along with insects. My favorite fruit is a blueberry, they can get a tad messy though. By the time I’m finished I have purple all over my face, and occasionally on my body… don’t ask how it got there, I don’t even know. Last, but not least, my favorite buggy treats are mealworms. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, those squirmy little things are my guilty pleasure!

During the day I sleep a lot, but once the night comes around I’m a real party animal, literally! To start off my nights I get fresh and clean. I am not a huge fan of baths, but I get a little hoggypaddle in to stay in shape and impress the ladies. During my baths I also get a nice brush out. Mom uses a toothbrush to clean me up, and man those bristles work like a little mini massage. After I dry up I take a stroll around the house in my ride, I have a clear ball that I get to roll around in to visit everyone else in the house. Once I head back to my cage I play with some toys. I have a mini ball that has a bell in it and occasionally I will get a toilet paper roll to push that around with my nose too. Sometimes my head can get stuck in the roll though and I end up wearing it. If I’m feeling really fun I also like to climb my cage! I will climb up the side and hang from the top, I like to try new things and this one has stuck ha. To end my night I head into my igloo and burrow. I have high end paper for my bedding so I just dig my way under it and settle in to sleep until the next night.

I am so excited to part of the Your Jubilee team and share a little about me to everyone. If you want to tag along for more about me head over to instagram and give me a follow, @Huxley_The_Hedgie.



Still on the search for my Hedgie love so when you see her, roll her my way!


Much Love,

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