August 20, 2015

How to Mix and Match Your Bridesmaids Dresses!

Mix and matching bridesmaids gowns is a trend that has been around for about a year, and is a huge trend we will see a lot of going into the fall and spring bridal seasons. Choosing to mix and match your bridal gowns has so many advantages! It allows you to add more color and texture to your big day, your ladies can pick a dress within their budget, and they can pick a style and color that is flattering to their body. 

Mix and matching your bridal party is not an easy to thing to pull off. Here are some tips to ensure your bridesmaids pick the perfect dress to look and feel stunning on your big day!

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Telling your bridal party you want them all in blue is a very vague statement. Give them more direction so one bridesmaid doesn’t stick out in a light blue color while other are in darker shades of blue. If you are wanting to do an ombre look be sure that each dress is a full shade apart from the next so it shows well in your pictures. 

As you go from store to store picking the styles, textures, and colors you like be sure to request swatches! This way you can give these to your bridesmaids to help them while they shop and it can help you determine what hues you want to stay within. This will also help determine your overall color palette. 

Sparkles, lace, and patterns oh my!
There are no rules! It is your special day so you can have it all. This is a more fashion forward way to do the mix and match trend, but when it is done right, look how beautiful it can be!


We are the first to tell you that when planning your wedding Pinterest can be very overwhelming, but, when doing the mix matched bridesmaids dress trend this is the perfect time to create a board around it. This way, while your girls are shopping they have  can open the app and know exactly the colors and styles you are looking for. 

Get Each Others Digits
Make sure your bridesmaids have each others contact information! They will need to know who is buying what and try as best as they can to coordinate with each other!

If you are a bride that is planning to do this fun trend, be sure to take time to guide your bridesmaids with their dress choices and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome! Your bridal photos will be unique to your wedding and oh so beautiful, plus hopefully the dresses your girls choose will really be something they wear again!

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