November 3, 2014

Halloween Hangover

We can’t believe Halloween is over and November is here! We had a fun weekend helping host a Halloween bash with friends and family. We used some of the party planning ideas from our previous post and amazing props to bring the Halloween spirit alive.  

To create a spooky bar set up we found glass skull margarita mix bottles and dumped them into another container so we could reuse them for the rum, whiskey, and vodka bottles. Adding chains, candles, and a witches cauldron with dry ice for the ultimate spooky buzz. 
Themed food is a necessity at a Halloween bash! Scrumptious cracker dip emulates pumpkin vomit with the mini jack-o-lanterns added to the plate. The brownie grave yard was made even more yummy with the bone sprinkles and tombstones. And who doesn’t love deliciously deviled eggs topped with olive spiders? 

Skulls, spiders, fake blood, and bones made every inch of the home feel extra spooky. Guest enjoyed the ghouls, games, and great food. We want to thank Ashley for being the hostest with the mostest. Your love for Halloween helped us throw an amazing and memorable Halloween bash. 
A ceiling fan and Super Mario
We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend. We are looking forward to fall for the cooler weather, time with family, and a gorgeous Thanksgiving dinner. 

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