November 25, 2015

Gratitude Attitude

Looking back at this time last year,  so much has changed.  

A year ago, we had just completed our first two weddings (as our own company) and now we have worked with so many brides and grooms!  We’ve planned with them.  We’ve shared meals with them.  We’ve shared in their hopes and dreams, not just for their wedding day, but for their futures.  We’ve laughed with them.  We’ve even cried with them.  We’ve met so many wonderful people and we feel so blessed that we have been able to impact their lives, even if it was only for one day.  

A year ago,  we were just twelve months into this whole owning a business thing,  and now we own two.  We had big dreams for the company and these days those dreams are even bigger.  We didn’t have a lot of spare time,  now we have even less.  Even though sometimes we feel like we live in our cars, it’s all worth it, because not only do we really love what we do, but we are so thankful that we get to do it.  

What’s been the most important thing we have learned?  A gratitude attitude is what will get you through- good times and bad.

The thing is,  no matter how much you love your company,  what you do and what you stand for, some days owning a business is hard. Like really hard.  Some days you have so much on your plate you feel like you are drowning.  Some days you worry you aren’t doing enough.  Some days you have to miss time with family and friends.  Some days you are so pumped on life you feel like you could explode.  Some days you get to have experiences you never dreamt of.  But at the end of each and every day, no matter the outcome,  no matter the struggle or success,  we try to be thankful that it happened.  

According to the laws of attraction, like attracts like.  Taking time to focus on the good in each day, we believe we are inviting even more good to come our way.  This month, we have been doing a little thankful challenge on Instagram.  It’s provided us with such a great reminder to document the things we appreciate.  If you haven’t been following along,  you can see all our posts here!

With Thanksgiving this week,  we wanted to send out a few thank you’s to the universe.  

Thank you to our family and friends that have supported us.  Thanks for always liking our posts, recommending us to your friends and family, forgiving us for all the late nights and sometimes crazy work hours and for reminding us on the hard days that we’ve got this.

Thank you to all the vendors that we now call friends.  Thank you for being awesome to work with, sending clients our way and collaborating with us.  Thank you for supporting our businesses and helping them grow.

Thank you to our Jubilettes!  We appreciate all that you do.  Whether it is writing a blog post, putting in long hours at a wedding or planning meeting.  Thank you for all the little and big things you do that help us keep it together!  

Thank you to all the couples we have worked with and their families.  Without you we wouldn’t get to do this job we love so much.  Thank you for letting us be part of one of the most special days of your life.  We really consider this an honor.  Thank you for having fun with us, trusting us and sharing your experience with others.  

We wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! 

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