July 22, 2016

Friday Favs: Top 5 Wedding Moments

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There are SO many magical moments that happen at weddings. The whole day is a series of amazing moments, but we have a couple that are our favorites!

5. The Couples First Dance Together


The couple’s first dance always brings all the feels. It’s so cool to see how every couple can have a different dance. It can be slow, freestyle, choreographed or silly. It’s always a sweet moment to see the couple have their first dance together as Husband and Wife. (Shoutout to #Weddingchella of a really fun choreographed first dance!)

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4. Vows


Another unique moment that every wedding has but is always different. Vows are a couple special moment to share with all their friends and family the love for the partner. I love hearing the stories they tell or sharing the appreciation they have for their partner.  Another one straight to the heart with warm and fuzzies. Plus seeing the Groom get a little teary eyed always melts my heart.

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3. First Look

2016_audralittlephoto_JessBrettWedding_0220 2016_audralittlephoto_JessBrettWedding_0231


While most people don’t get to always witness this moment, I know for the couples it’s one of the most special moments of the day. Another tradition that has uniquely developed over there years, most couple now opt to have their first look before the ceremony. It’s generally a very private moment with a photography to capture it all. I was able to witness my Brother’s first look with his now Wife and I was for sure crying more than both of them. They were so excited and happy! It’s a moment I always cherish thinking about. (Thanks Trevor & Shanna!)

2016-02-21Lauren&GabbyWedding01052016-02-21Lauren&GabbyWedding0108 2016-02-21Lauren&GabbyWedding0134

2. Toasts 


This is the ultimate FEELS. Another amazing moment of two people who are the Brides and Grooms biggest fans getting to share their love and appreciation of the couple. It’s another great story telling moment about the couple. They can be serious, short and sweet or a little lengthy but still always have the same outcome.(usually tears) Also kudos to any MoH or Best Man having to give those speeches! It can be a lot of pressure but everyone always looks forward to hearing them.

1. Brides walk down the aisle IMG_0516

My favorite moment is actually just the moment before the Bride takes her first step down the aisle. When’s she’s holding the arm of whomever is giving her away, her dress has been fluffed, her lipstick has been checked and she takes that deep breath, and is ready to step into the next journey of her life. It’s not nervous or scared, but so pure of knowing this is just the beginning.

What are some of your favorite wedding moments?!


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