April 22, 2014

Every Event Deserves a Bar… Not That Kind of Bar

Have you considered a having a treat bar at your next celebration? There are so many options to choose from that’ll make your party that much sweeter!  Candy bars, popcorn bars, dessert bars, Sundae bars, fruit bars, even confetti bars serve as one part decor, one part sweet treat!

Tassel banner by The Banner Shoppe, Celebration bar by Your Jubilee, Buntlets by Nothing Bundt Cakes
Treat Bars (as the Your Jubilee team likes to call them) are great because they can add a little more pizzazz to your party and they serve as an inexpensive favor for your guests.  

A few things to keep in mind when planning your bar:

  1. Make sure you have options for people with food allergies.  The most common offenders includes nuts, peanuts, gluten.
  2. Label everything and note potential allergens.  No one wants an allergic emergency to ruin the party!
  3. Stick with a theme.  The best treat bars display the color story of the event.  You can get most treats in any color.
  4. Don’t forget scoops.
  5. Make sure you have enough for everyone.  

If you’d rather someone else take care of your treat bar, we can help!

Sweeten The Deal
Add a custom candy, popcorn, treat or confetti bar to your special day! We’ll create a show piece quality treat bar for your guests to enjoy!

-Your choice of treat- candy bar, popcorn bar, dessert bar, confetti bar and more

-Use of candy jars and dessert stands

-Personalized signs and labels

-Personalized candy bags or boxes that coordinate with theme and colors

Have you seen any unique twists on the traditional candy or dessert bars?  Tell us about them!  

Are you looking to add a treat bar to your next event? Contact us for an estimate. 

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