February 15, 2021

Episode 74: Battling Addiction with Stephen Polando

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In today’s episode we are talking with Stephen Polando. Stephen was one of the people who launched State Forty Eight, but stepped away earlier last year. He is still a supporter and friend of the company! He published a memoir this year titled, Ten Twenty Ten about battling addiction, the importance of support and meaningful connection, and building a small business into a recognized brand. 


In 2020, Stephen published a book titled, Ten Twenty Ten. The title represents the day he found sobriety, 10/20/10. In his memoir, he reveals many of the moments that helped shape him into the person he is today. The message of his book is a simple one. You can accomplish more than you ever imagined in 10 years. Instead of going to AA, he wrote down his thoughts. He says that, “There’s something more intimate about writing than talking. You’re able to collect your thoughts and lay it all out there in a different way.” 


His memoir also recounts his time with State Forty Eight, a company which Stephen, his younger brother Nick, and best friend Mike started in 2013. The company represents a passion and sense of Arizona lifestyle. Stephen loved being part of this company with the people he was closest to. Earlier in 2020, Stephen decided to move on from the business and use his platform to educate and and spread humor and positivity.


His friends and family were his biggest support system. Instead of kicking him when he was down, they showed him unconditional love. Once he became sober, he started to fall in love with things again that he did before drinking. Now, whenever someone asks Stephen about sobriety, he lights up. He is very passionate about it. He’s been a huge advocate for battling addiction and helping others be the best version of themselves.

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