February 1, 2021

Episode 72: Creating Magic with Reagan Johnson of Copper and Bloom Floral

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In today’s episode we are talking to our good friend from the wedding industry, Reagan Johnson. Reagan is the owner of Copper and Bloom Floral. Her goal is to make your experience one of a kind. Her florals are carefully designed with the natural shape of each flower and added textural twists. Each design is as unique as each of her couples!

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Reagan had always been creative. She was always drawing, painting, and even building! Instead of baby dolls or clothes for holidays, she wanted Legos and craft supplies. This led her to study art and design, before moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, where she and her husband lived for 5 years.

Later, her family moved to Arizona it was all about getting settled into their new environment, but after 2 years she still didn’t feel settled. Luckily, Reagan was introduced to floral design when one of her friends asked her to design the florals for her wedding. Being the creative person that she was, Reagan was excited to make her friend’s wedding day vision come to life. Once she did that wedding, she was hooked on floral design. She remembers she said, “THIS is what I could do until the day I die!”. Doing florals pulled her out of this pit she was in.

Reagan started her business, Copper & Bloom Floral, in 2018. She wanted to make sure the name of her company had meaning. Copper is a warmth color and has to do with repair, which is important to Reagan. The word ‘bloom’ revolves around growth and flowers. Hence, the name Copper & Bloom Floral was born!

We loved getting to hear about Reagan’s story and how she created the amazing company that she has today. Art has always been important to her since she was young. Her advice for entrepreneurs is to, “find people in your industry that can help you. It’s very important to have a support system and to have people around you telling you to keep going.” Reagan has a very strong support system at home with her husband of 10 years and 3 little boys.

Want to learn more about Reagan? Check out her website or Instagram!

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