September 7, 2020

Episode 61: Creating Purpose with Quinn Tempest

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In this episode of The Celebrated Life Podcast, we have the pleasure of talking to Quinn Tempest. We came across Quinn like we did a couple of other guests, through the virtual Bright Side Conference. Our team spent a couple of weeks watching this and we listened to so many amazing people, we’re so lucky to have the chance to speak with them! Quinn is an entrepreneur and brand strategist based in our very own, Phoenix, Arizona! Her company, Create Your Purpose, helps business owners discover their unique purpose and find ways to bring that to life. 

Quinn is all about harnessing the power and magic of purpose.  That is why she founded her company, Create Your Purpose.  It is a membership community made up of entrepreneurs around the world who support each other in building a life and business on purpose.

Quinn’s idea somewhat stemmed from her experience coming out of college.  She was sure she wanted to pursue acting and spend her college years studying to become one.  When she finally graduated, she realized it was not her dream and it was not what she wanted.  She was forced to take a step back and realize that her purpose was not going to just come knocking on her door, she needed to create it. 

She now helps business owners do the same. When business owners begin to create a business around their “why” they begin to show unmatched drive and potential.  Quinn helps these entrepreneurs find their “why” and use it to build a successful and impactful business.

We loved talking and getting to know Quinn and her Create Your Purpose community! We couldn’t agree more that businesses should be built not only on purpose, but with purpose.


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