August 31, 2020

Episode 60: Finding Success in Burnout with Rachel Sheerin

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Welcome to today’s episode of The Celebrated Life Podcast! We are so excited that we got to sit down and talk with the wonderful Rachel Sheerin, public speaker, team trainer and one of the people we absolutely adore! Rachel is known for her keynotes and coaching for entrepreneurs, hospitality employees and organization leaders to pursue happiness. Rachel motivates and educates high-performers so they can level up their success, increase their impact, and live a life they love. 

Ashley met Rachel through WIPA (Wedding International Professionals Association), where Rachel is the International director of education but they instantly connected and she has become a trusted friend!  We are so excited to welcome her to the podcast today.  Everyone, welcome Rachel!


Rachel delivers messages full of real talk, advice & fun. She empowers people to obtain new heights of success at the workplace and in their lives. She was awarded speaker of the year by the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE) in 2019.  Rachel has a Ted Talk called, ‘How To Burnout and Be Successful’. She is also working on her podcast, “F This S” to help, “helps you keep love in your work, happiness in your life, and success coming your way.”


Rachel loved what she did until she didn’t.  She experienced burnout, or what she likes to describe as, no longer being able to find joy in her job.  After putting a lot of pressure on herself she took a step back and noticed something she has been doing all her life. From a long history of loving to entertaining others, she looked to public speaking.  She knew what she had to say was valuable.  She wanted to help women see their value and make money.


Instagram: @rachel.sheerin


Podcast: F this S

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