August 3, 2020

Episode 56: How to Work Well with Kate Rosenow

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Welcome to The Celebrated Life Podcast. Today we get to talk with Kate Rosenow, owner of Work Well with Kate. She helps service-based business owners organize their operations and implement the right systems so they can have more freedom and flexibility. We first found out about Kate while participating in the Brightside Conference where she spoke about More Joy, Less Busy. She took us through what she called a “purse dump” exercise of your life and time. It made you focus on what was life essential versus life enhancing in your calendar. 

Kate helps business owners regain time through career coaching.  She helps individuals become more profitable and less busy.  Work Well with Kate was born from her own need of systems and structures in her business. 

“The question we have to be asking ourselves when we are scared to trust or were scared to outsource is “what am I missing out on because I want to be in control of this?””


Most business owners spend most of their time in their inbox. She follows the saying, email is just everyone else’s request for your time.  While getting through your emails may feel productive, the majority of the time, emails are spent furthers other’s priorities and goals and not furthering your own goals. By putting systems into place to help manage your inbox, you may be able to really cut down the time spent emailing back and forth and instead, working on your own goals for the day.


Kate suggests combing through your tasks once a quarter or even once a month.  She wants business owners to “dump” all of the tasks that they do every day and need to accomplish and write it all down on a piece of paper.  This is what Kate calls the “Purse Dumping eExercise.”  The goal is to take everything off your plate that is not essential or making you revenue, then find what can be automated, and then what tasks can be outsourced.

Kate truly inspires entrepreneurs to regain their time while still being profitable. It is so important to take everything off of your plate that is not essential or making you revenue, find what can be automated, and find what tasks can be outsourced.  By taking a step  back and looking at your business to find better use of your time and becoming more productive, businesses are able to become more efficient and more profitable in the long run.  We are so happy that Kate was able to come on and share with us her best tips to regain time.  


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