June 15, 2020

Episode 50: Navigating Motherhood with Blake Nolan

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Welcome to the celebrated life podcast Episode 50! Today we get to talk with Blake Nolan, the author of “I Love My Happy Mama!” Blake used her experience with postpartum depression and turned it into a children’s book that is aimed at sending moms a message that they are not alone. We have known Blake for years and love her willingness to share her experiences which has now become her purpose. If there are any moms to be or new moms you have to check out this book but first, tune in and listen to the story behind the book.

Blake remembers the moment she came up the first idea of her book.  After having her baby girl, she knew she needed to get out of the house at least once a day to get some sunshine, so she usually went for a walk.  She was thinking about her first year as a mom and how her experience and her struggles were so different compared to what her child was experiencing and the happiness her daughter felt.  The words came to her in what she describes as existential experience where she started reciting the words that soon turned into her children’s book.

She knew the way she was feeling wasn’t right.  She knew that although she was putting her heart and soul into raising her baby girl, something was really wrong, she felt mad, she felt rage.  After looking through social media and really spending time with it, she asked herself, why don’t people talk about this?  She hated that everyone was aiming to be the “perfect” Instagram mom even though it is not realistic or even true.

It is so important for new moms to learn how to ask for help and more importantly, to be able to finally say out loud, I am not okay.  The next step is being able to step up and work with a mental health professional.  Blake nearly laughed at her therapist when she first mentioned postpartum depression, but learning more about it, she started seeing similarities and knew it was what she had been struggling with all along.

Blake found illustrations from Jamina Bone and they spoke to her. Jamina Bone uses her tag line “Still a good mom” which she saw in her day to day life when she had to do things for herself even though she didn’t want to.  After Blake wrote the book, she took a leap of faith and simply asked Jamina Bone if she would illustrate for it and without hesitation, she agreed.

Blake writes about her real-life struggles and hopes to continue to support women and families with her writing.  She has a long history of loving to serve others and she knows that she found her purpose in serving and supporting other women as a mother.  It is so important for her to make others know that she is there to help them and lead them through hard times.  She didn’t want what she was doing to just go to waste.

To celebrate life and joy she tries to be present with herself, her husband, and her daughter.  She takes time to not work with other distractions in life which reflects on her happiness and the life she lives.

Please go and follow, buy, and support “I love My Happy Mama!” The good that Blake is putting into the world is so amazing to see! As mentioned in the podcast the book makes a great gift for current and new mamas to get rid of the bad stigma around postpartum depression.


Website: ilovemyhappymama.com

Instagram: @MrsBlakeNolan

Facebook Group: The Cool Mom’s Club

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