November 13, 2018

Episode 20: All the Details with Mattie Tomasik of Lola Lee Invitations

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In this episode, we are so excited to have Mattie Tomasik with Lola Lee Invitations at the office.  Mattie is a true designer and creator of some of the most beautifully put together invitations in the industry.  We are lucky to know and work with such a leader in the industry and are happy to share her with you all! Meet Mattie!


Mattie has been officially doing invitations for 3 years!  She started out by creating her own wedding invitations after not finding the ideas she was looking for.  She was a teacher for a long time but laughs because she always had a really plainly decorated classroom. Teaching 2nd grade through 4th grade for a few years, Mattie decided to take a break from the classroom and spend more time with her three children.  While at home she spent a lot of time creating and designing invitations for her children and eventually building an Etsy shop to share her own work with others. She sold mostly birthday invitations and got to a point that she began dreading getting projects and knew it wasn’t the best outlet for herself.

When she started her company she really put her hands on anything she could get, now she describes her style as traditional, classic, and sophisticated.  She loves that the wax seal and vintage stamps are coming back in style for her new designs. Mattie has always wanted to learn calligraphy for her clients, but understands that it takes hours and hours of practice.  She typically outsources it to local businesses instead. Her process for design is extremely cool. She typically starts with sketches, especially with custom art. She scans it and digitizes it to send to the couple. They continuously edit the sketches until they have the best design to send in and get it completed by an artist.

There are always new trends that are introduced into the industry of invitations.  She explains that the best way to keep up is being able to think outside of the normal.  Mattie explains that the hardest part of her work is

“know who you are, and know what you want from the business.”


Besides chasing her kids around the house, Mattie really enjoys running and strength training.  She is a total power mom and even runs half marathons while pregnant. Mattie is mom to 3 boys and laughs about balance being the hardest thing to achieve. She does a lot of work at night.  She is even doing a program to help her with healthy habits like eating well and working out. Since she has started she has lost 3 inches around her waist!

When talking pregnancy she loves speaking her voice and telling others exactly what her experience is like because she knows people don’t share as much.  She agrees that taking any point of advice you can get is helpful to expecting mothers.

We loved sharing her experiences in the industry and with her family.  Although she does not credit herself as being one that has a lot of balance in her life, she sure makes it look easy!  We want to leave you with something she said that we absolutely loved:

“It’s like little moments, everyone says ‘cherish the little moments,’ but it really is what it comes down to.”  

The small wins in life are sitting down with her husband for a minute, going to the bathroom in peace, and having her kids doing something nice for each other.



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