October 15, 2018

Episode 18: Talking Cocktails with the Kendrick’s owners of Couple of Bartenders

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Today in studio we are talking to Kinsey and Neal from Couple of Bartenders.  They are a sweet couple that are true creatives and we are so excited to share their process and ideas in this episode!  Welcome Couple of Bartenders, Kinsey and Neal Kendrick!

Couple of Bartenders has been in business a little over 7 years and has been growing consistently over the last 4.  The owners both have a history in brick and mortar bars while Neal also has a background in catering. With ideas always swirling in their minds, an opportunity presented itself and they took it, opening their very own bartending business.  After a couple years, Kinsey was able to work full time in the industry followed by Neal two years ago.


Kinsey and Neal were the original “couple” of bartenders and have since grown into a company of 65 employees. In order to manage all of their bartenders, they let their employees give their availability and then match them up with events that will work with their skill set. Neal says,

“We want to make sure what we’re bringing to the table with every single client, every single planner, everything, is that we are a value added partner.”  

This helps their employees work by the companies values such as integrity and partnership. By matching employee’s to certain events they are able to make it as successful as possible.

It is often forgotten that so many guests will be continuously going back to the bar throughout the night.  Couple of Bartenders work hard to change this perspective by remembering names, remembering guest’s drinks, and working to create a positive and social experience.  Neal and Kinsey have mastered this art of making the bar experience more personal not only for the couple but for guests as well. When making signature drinks for couples, Kinsey likes to start with finding out what they like, how they picture their wedding day, and what the colors are for the wedding.  With that information she can start creating the drinks she thinks will fit and then work with the couple to fix it if it is too sweet or too bitter. Don’t worry, their clients typically uber room from this tasting.


Not only are Kinsey and Neal amazing bartenders, they are also creatives that have tapped into innovative things like the tap truck.  The tap truck is a 1966 Chevy panel truck that has been completely redone and has 5 taps along the side of the truck. They reached out to a company that created the tap truck and ended up expanding the brand out to Arizona.

Kinsey state how important it is to bounce ideas off of other creative in the industry.  She says,

“Partner with people who are better than you at the things you want, and really try to create those relationships where you are successfully helping each other.”

One of their other partnerships brought one of the coolest cocktail ideas we have seen in a while, Sipmi. Sipmi is an edible garnish that is a print placed on the top of your cocktail.  You are able to print a picture of your logo, or a photo, the image will stay true from start to finish of the cocktail. They are able to set it up with a photobooth to make the cocktail right then and there.


To live their most celebrated life, they try to take at least a minute to talk about what they are grateful for.  They know if you can’t stop and appreciate what you come from and what you’re doing then what’s the point? They incorporate this with their children as well taking time before bed to talk about what they are grateful for.  Another way Kinsey and Neal celebrate throughout their year is by incorporating small staycations throughout the year to unwind, have some drinks, and dream big.

We loved having Kinsey and Neal from Couple of Bartenders in the office to talk booze, family life, and entrepreneurship.  Check them out on social media to see their next big idea!


Website: coupleofbartenders.com


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