July 3, 2019

Ep. 35: The Power of Music with Curtis Whipple

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Welcome to the celebrated life podcast episode 35!  We are so excited to introduce you to our friend, Curtis Whipple.  Curtis is a local wedding DJ in Arizona who strives to create memorable moments on the dance floor for his clients. Curtis has an immense passion for his job and for music as a whole.  He recognizes the importance of a wedding in the guest’s lives and uses his knowledge to help them create memories. The way Curtis is able to elevate the party throughout the night is truly an art.

We are so excited to share his story of music with you and his path to his love for his job!  Welcome, Curtis Whipple!

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There are three reasons that Curtis decided to get into his DJ career.  The first one was in second grade when he got into the music classes his school offered. Even as a seven-year-old, he was moved by the beautiful pieces brought by the volunteer music appreciation teacher.  Five years later, he owned a thin radio he could put under his pillow and listen to the radio every day. One night, “Come Sail Away” by Styx was playing and the metaphor of the song spoke to him in this growing time of his life. At the age of fourteen, he saw Gary Newman perform on SNL.  He loved seeing him perform live and began to understand the power of a live performance. All these things came together after this moment and he knew: “I wanted to be a musician.”

Curtis’s father had a chain of retail stores in Northern Arizona. He invited Phoenix entertainers to come to perform at the opening and let Curtis have his first taste of performing as he opened up for Wallace and Ladmo.  His first experience as a DJ was for his friend’s party with his dad’s stereo. It snowballed from there. After the many years of learning music, Curtis now knows how to play the piano, guitar, drums, and a theremin. See photo! He loves playing them in addition to his DJ sets.


He loves that his job creates memories.  While his couples might not remember the exact songs that are played, he helps them remember moments with their family and friends.  One amazing thing about Curtis is that he can read a dance floor. While his equipment does suggest songs and reveals a common pattern, Curtis is able to look at the crown and understand what they are asking for next.

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“The next right song is powerful.”  

He likes to be down at his small podium to be with the guests.  This allows them to interact with him and for the guests to feel comfortable to talk with him.

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Curtis also likes hiking and mountain biking.  He finds his solitude while he is hiking and makes sure he gets outside once a week. He was opened his own side business, Whipple Snappers, that is involved in wedding woodworking.  He creates arches, tables, and oversized lawn games for clients to enjoy day-of. Being able to immerse himself in his hobbies and music day-to-day is a celebration of life in itself and helps him find meaning each day.

We thank Curtis for coming and being willing to share his passion for his job with us and our listeners. He is a great representation of following your dreams and learning from all experiences life offers you.


Insta: @djcurtiswhipple

Website: www.curtiswhipple.com

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