February 27, 2019

Ep. 28 Teaming up at Home and In Business with Kris and Tyler from Konsider It Done

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This week we are so excited to welcome the husband and wife duo behind Konsider It Done. We absolutely loved chatting through life, love and wedding planning with these two! Tyler brings such a cool perspective to the Grooms side of planning and Kris is a creative Dynamo!

Tyler and Kris are a husband and wife event planning that services the Phoenix area.  In 2010 Kris started the initial steps of creating their small business. She has a unique way of spelling her own name with a K and she wanted to incorporate it into the name of the business. Not sure of where they were going or what they wanted in the future for their business, they wanted to have a name that could be universal if they ever decided to leave the wedding industry and go in a different direction. When the “unofficial” Facebook page went up in 2012, Kris didn’t feel knowledgeable or qualified enough to charge people for her work. After a few years of learning the job and taking on events free of charge, Tyler and Kris created the LLC for the business and they were off and running.


Tyler has had two other careers outside of the wedding planning business. He was once a Commercial airline pilot but decided to leave after the effects of 9/11. Going on to work at Bank of America corporate, he left as a VP senior consultant in corporate finance. Both his previous careers were completely different fields, but this just proves what a fearless and agile man Tyler is, to be able to take on and excel in both careers. He currently works at a product marketing, tech company. We look up to his adventurous mindset of not being stuck in one place.


As a groom, Tyler felt judged and unimportant in the wedding process. He said you always hear “it’s a bride’s wedding, it’s her day, whatever she wants and I always cringe at that” The guy should feel like it’s their event too and have their personality, preferences, and decisions taken into account. At times when he was experiencing the wedding planning process he wanted to know more and ask questions but he got these looks like “what a stupid question”. No one wants to get that look or that feeling of judgment. Having these experiences himself as a groom, Tyler knew that his mission was to focus on helping the grooms go through the process and feel less like they are the only dude. Being a guy in a predominately women field gave him more insight into the wedding industry.


In the midst of final touches to their wedding, two weeks before the big day Tyler decided to quit his job. They took a 40% pay cut and left his corporate job. Less than a month after the wedding Kris left her full time job. Financially they took a cut at the knees, but nothing could stop this couple from being happily married. They were “full on love, low on money”.


Tyler and Kris have a in home office where Kris works from day to day while Tyler is at work. From an outside perspective it looks like Tyler is involved from the very beginning, but in reality he is copied on all emails and correspondences so he is aware of what is happening, but Kris is taking care of the day to day aspects of planning. At night before bed they do a little check in to make sure they saw all the conversations and they are both on the same page with what is happening. It’s hard to separate business from personal life, but having a chaotic life with little kids there isn’t much time to have it seperated, it seeps in. “We can’t enjoy that pure date night until we have the necessary conversations”. Kris is the lead planner, designer, Tyler is at consultations and important meetings, checking in with the groom, suit shopping. The day of weddings, they have a really great system that’s in place. Tyler jokingly says “you just boss me around and I say yes?” but this holds some truth.


In 2006 they were both were working at a radio station. They worked with Dave Pratt on the morning show on the country radio station camel country 108. The first time he saw me he said hi and the first time we worked together he said he was going to marry me. We were “drinking on the job” which made it a lot more interesting. They had a very long road of dating starting in their early 20’s. As they grew and changed during their twenties with a few on and off breaks the universe brought them back together and on the path to their own wedding day. Now the two have two adorable kiddos that entertain us on their Instagram stories!

Website: http://www.konsideritdone.com/

Facebook: Konsider It Done

Instagram: @konsideritdoneweddings

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