January 30, 2019

Ep. 25 Conquering the Balance Game with Steph Wahlig

In this episode, we welcome Steph Wahlig: business owner, mother, and avid supporter of the keto diet. We learn throughout the podcast that while owning two companies, Steph Wahlig Photography and Step On Me Photography, Steph makes family and health some of her top priorities. She reveals her first photo shoot experience as well as what it takes to own a business. Steph also reveals her experience with the keto diet.


Steph Wahlig’s passion for photography started in high school. Even though it was just considered a hobby, she knew it could turn into a career in college. She went to college for secondary education and decided to turn her vision into a reality. In 2009, she started her business by reaching out to fellow photographers to gain experience.

Her first shoot was a wedding at the Chandler Court House that lasted five hours. Unfortunately, she came unprepared with no extra batteries and a dying camera. As horrific as the situation might have seemed, she laughs about it now and knows it was a great learning experience.

In 2014, she paired up with an associate photographer where she was working about forty weddings a year. Since then, her business has been getting increasingly busier and has added multiple associates to her business, Step On Me Photography.


Steph offers two options for shooting on the day of the wedding: digital and film photography. She goes into great detail about how the two are extremely different and it is ultimately up to the bride and groom and the vision they have. The difference between digital photography and film photography is digital is more blown out including touch ups and film focuses on the small details.

When working a wedding, Steph will only shoot film and an associate will shoot digital. This gives her a chance to really focus on her craft and produce magnificent photos for her clients. With film, she can shoot about sixteen shots per roll costing 7-10 dollars per roll. Then, it needs to be processed and developed. Steph loves to focus on film because you get those all-natural shots. When shooting film, Steph has to be very precise and selective when choosing what to shoot since there is a limit on how many pictures she can take.


Steph’s favorite thing to shoot on wedding days are the candid moments. When shooting couples, she likes the time to be very intimate, only having the bride, groom, and her in the area. This way she can capture the true love shared between the couple and have no distractions.

Steph explains that this is the best career path she could have selected because of the opportunities that arise and the people she encounters. She has been able to travel around the world for photography and says Honduras was one of her favorite places to experience. The wedding in Honduras consisted of a 50 person wedding with a monkey being the ring bearer and insanely gorgeous views. She insists that destination weddings are more relaxed than Arizona weddings because everyone is in a fantastic mood on vacation and in a smaller group.  

She has a hard time delegating because she wants her photos to be perfect for the bride and groom. It has taken her time to adjust to letting associates take over task but it has saved her personal and social life. With being extremely busy, she knows that it is a balance game to find happiness in your business and your personal life.


Steph is extremely passionate about the Keto diet. She has been doing the keto diet for over one year and has lost around 45 pounds. It is a low-carb, high-fat diet. Keto cuts out all processed food while focusing on eating high-fat foods including cheese, oil, avocado, etc.

Being on the go with two children and two businesses could make eating healthy very difficult but she states that her family is extremely supportive. Even though it is crucial to stay on the plan, “everyone needs a cheat day where they can eat pizza and beer”, which Steph swears by.

Being a busy mom, she decides to celebrate and cherish life with her children, 5 and 7. Steph tries to separate her family life from her work life. She decided to complete the keto diet to feel better about herself and stay healthy for her children so they can be active and enjoy life together.


Steph Wahlig is an inspiring mom who can do it all. She has two successful businesses and still has time to be a great wife and mother. Her tips and tricks to conquering life are inspirational and we can all relate to being driven for success while still wanting to enjoy the small moments in life.


Steph Wahlig Photography Website: http://stephwahlig.com

Steponme Photography Website: http://steponmephoto.com/journal/

Steph Wahlig Photography Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephwahlig/?hl=en

Steponme Photography Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steponmephoto/?hl=en

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Steponme Photography Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StepOnMePhotography/

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