July 27, 2016

Donut Worry: Changing Your Name is Easy as 4 Simple Steps!


The wedding is over and now it is time to decide if you will legally be changing your name. This can be a be a long, boring process that a lot of people don’t even want to deal with.  We “donut” want to let this get you overwhelmed and have come up with 4 easy steps to legally change you last name after marriage in Arizona.

1.) Complete Your Marriage License

Normally this should be complete with all signatures and names needed on your wedding day. As wedding planners we also know that sometimes in the hustle this gets missed, but no worries, although it is ideal to have them sign it on your wedding day,  your maid of honor or best man can sign it the follow day if this is forgotten. Be sure the officiant and your two witness sign and print their names on both the top and bottom portion of the marriage license.  If you or your spouse is wishing to hyphenate your name make sure to notate this on your marriage license. After the wedding day either you or your officiant can mail the marriage license into the state.

Hot Tip: When you go to the courthouse to apply for your marriage license before the wedding ask for several certificate copies of the marriage license for future purposes- you won’t receive these until after your marriage has been recorded by the county.

2.) Apply to Change your name with the Social Security Office

This is pretty simple, just not so fun! All you need to do is go to the local social security office and show proof of your legal name change (your marriage license), proof of your identity (pass port or drivers license), and proof of U.S. citizenship (birth certificate.) A new social security card will be issued to you with your new name that you can use to change your name for other general reasons.

3.) Apply for a New Name on Your Drivers License

With your new social security card, certified copy of your marriage license, and current drivers license go to the DMV to change your name on your drivers license. Arizona law requires you to change your name on your license 10 days from changing your name with the Social Security office. You will need to wait two days after it is verified through social security to ensure the MVD has no problems issuing you a new license. There is a $12 fee to change your name and issue you a new license.

4.) Change Your Name on other Documents & Accounts

Accounts you will need to change, but are not limited to are: bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, car titles, voter registration, and passports. Each office with have different processes, you will need to contact each accordingly.

We hope these 4 simple steps help you make this process seamless and easier for you! If and when it gets a little stressful grab a donut and enjoy the process as best you can!



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