January 24, 2018

DIY Twine Wrapped Candles

Hey everyone! As promised I wanted to share with you another DIY project that is a super simple way to revamp stand alone candles.  If you know me, you know I love candles.  I feel like I always have one burning and have used them abundantly to decorate around the house.  Typically I put candles as an addition to a lantern or on top of a candle stick, but they can truly be a piece by themselves!  Here is one way that I love to vamp up a simple candle!

For this project you will need 4 small items:

  • Candle – Walmart sells great ones in every color!
  • Scissors
  • Jute Twine
  • Hot glue gun

With the candle on its side, you are going to glue a small 2 centimeter line at the very bottom of the candle.  Quickly, add the end of the twine string running parallel to the bottom of the candle.  You’re going to continue gluing the bottom border, section by section, until the entire bottom is wrapped in a single line of the twine.  Heres where it gets easy;  continue wrapping.  Without using any glue, continue wrapping placing the string closely to the one before it.









Once you have reached your desired thickness of the twine wrapping, cut the twine and glue down the final end of the string.  Advice to keep the candle looking clean and put together, cut the twine on the same side of the candle where you placed the start of the string.

Thats it!  Like I said, this project is very easy and takes under ten minutes!  After I finished, I started thinking of all the other things I could use to wrap my candles, yarn, ribbon, you could do so much!  If you have any great candle wrapping ideas let us know!  I would love to try something festive for the holidays!




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