May 23, 2018

Desert Floral at Your Wedding

Hey, again! It’s me, Ellie Sanders and today I want to share with you some tips on how you can achieve a desert or bohemian feel at your wedding using floral, while not breaking the bank! It’s no secret that the price of flowers can sneak up on an unsuspecting bride quickly! I spoke with local floral designers Jensyn Becker and Lindsay Robertson of Cactus Flower Chandler to get their expert opinions and tips ‘n’ tricks for floral at your Arizona wedding!

What types of floral do you recommend for an Arizona bride on a budget?

“Opting for a stylized bouquet with more foliage/greenery is a great way to save some money! A florist can pair lots of unique foliage with minimal flowers and still create an impressive yet minimalist look!”

If brides want their floral to have a desert vibe, what stems and plants would you recommend?

“Succulents of any kind always give off a southwest feel! Australian foliage (such as safari sunset and grevillea) and tropical flowers (such as pin cushion or bird of paradise) can all be designed to convey a desert look. Working with garden style flowers in an array of colors reminiscent of an Arizona sunset is a great option for a bride looking for a softer, more romantic feel.”

What types of floral do you recommend brides avoid? Are there any flowers/colors that you find are difficult to work with?

“In Arizona, I would advise against tulips. They are phototrophic, which causes them to react quickly and significantly to light and heat fluctuations. As far as color goes, blue can be tricky. There are very few true blue varieties of flowers, such as hydrangeas and delphinium. Additionally, their hues can vary greatly – sometimes even coming off more purple than blue. I recommend that brides with a blue color scheme for their wedding find alternative ways to include the color.”

What is one piece of advice you give to a bride who is researching what floral she wants at her wedding?

“I would tell brides to not focus too much on one flower variety or color! Flowers are a natural product, and color variations are very common. It is best for a bride to communicate to her florist the overall look and color scheme that she is going for, and allow the florist a little bit of freedom to work their magic and create beautiful arrangements for the bride’s big day!”

Floral is a great way to create a unique and memorable feel at your wedding ceremony and reception! Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you can achieve the southwest look you’re after! Until next time!


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