October 28, 2015

Creative Cards: Your Jubilee’s Top Wedding Card Picks!

We love finding creative and different things, especially when we are giving gifts to our loved ones! After finding the perfect gift, and wrapping it in the prettiest paper and bow we love finding the fun, unique card with the perfect message that ties it all together. Here are some of our creative card choices to adorn the perfect wedding gift:

Do it Yourself:
Although sometimes do it yourself can be more of a headache then just buying a specialty cards, these options have great tutorials and seem easy enough not to be a Pinterest fail. 

(My sisters were inspired by this card and made this for my bridal shower 3 years ago!)

Sassy Cards:
This style card can even have some explicit language, we decided to showcase the ones that would still bring a good laugh but keep it PG.

Special Details:
We love gold, and glitter! So these glitter lined specialty envelopes adds such a special touch, or event picking a card with gold foil, customized, or laser print ads a little extra!

Funny Cards:
Things can get a little stressful during the wedding process, why not make your bridal party or the bride to be laugh a little during it all?

We love being able to give our friends and loved ones something new and fun! How do you add a unique or special touch to your gifts? Tell us about it below!

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