April 24, 2015

Coachella: Bring the Festival Style to Your Wedding!

Today we have a special guest blogger. One of our creative, music loving, always dancing and loving life, beautiful friend, Amy Naismith! She recently got back from Coachella and we asked her to keep an eye out for some trends we may see trickle into the wedding industry! 

Here are 8 easy trends to add that festival flare to your wedding day!

1.) Hair Chains: Flower crowns are SO 2014! 2015 is the year of hair chains! Gold, silver, pearls, bejeweled, the list goes on. This could easily take place of a veil or add a little sparkle to your veil!

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2) Braids and Loose Waves: Nothing says free spirit like braids and loose waves! While at Coachella, those were the best and easiest hair styles. After day 2 my hair was dirty and in a side braid and it really was the best hair style choice! It kept all my hair to one side and I was able to boogie all day long without my hair in my face! You can have one big fish tail braid, or smaller french braids, the possibility and styles are endless.

3) Layered Jewelry: Chains on chains on chains. The saying goes ‘less is more’ but sometimes more can be good, in the right way. Layering dainty or smaller pieces of jewelry can look really amazing! Kendall Jenner and Alessandra Ambrosio (and her friends) are perfect examples! It could be just as simple as laying bracelets to rings, or even adding a body chain like Kendall did. Mixing tones and adding gem stones makes it look effortless.

4) Flash Tattoos: The hype is real. Flash Tattoos are AWESOME! My friends and I at Coachella were covered in them! They are so fun and easy! If a lot of jewelry or no jewelry is your thing but you want a little bit of bling and fun, use Flash Tattoos for your wedding! They come in so many different style and choices, don’t forget your bridesmaids too!

5) Off the Shoulder dresses: Strapless you say?! No, off the shoulder! Off the shoulder tops were huge this year at Coachella, and turns out, there are wedding dresses in that style as well. It adds a little sexy and mysterious factor to your dress. It’s a different take on the very popular strapless dress. Trust me, check ’em out!

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6) Lace Dresses: Yes Lace! While that already is, and have been, and always will be a wedding trend, you can add a little hippie looking lace to wedding dress. Maybe a lace that looks a little more vintage or a softer looking. Maybe its cream and not white, or that looks sheer underneath! *Side note* Sheer was also a big trend I saw a lot of- For Love and Lemons does it really beautifully- but back to lace… it could even be just small details of love.

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7) Booties instead of Heels: Maybe my favorite trend of all…I LOVE booties. They are easy and comfortable! I could dance all day and all night in booties if it was my job! Its a fun take on not wearing heels. A lot of taller brides do wear flats these days. Myself being shorter, I would want a little height but still to be comfortable and mostly, be able to get my groove on the dance floor! Plus your shoes are usually hidden about 99.9% of the time.

8) Festival Pass Invites: Whats a festival without a cool invite and pass to get in? Make it fun for your friends and family, create your own festival! Send out invites in the form of a festival line up! Give your wedding party VIP passes to wear for the night, or maybe you go all out and have a two or three day wedding weekend! wedfest.co makes some amazing invites!

So if your looking to add that festival vibe to your wedding, any of these easy trends will do the trick for ya! Having trouble pulling your wedding vibe together? The gals at Your Jubilee are here to help! As their first Jubilette, they can help you create as much or as little as you need and are there day of from start to finish. Check out their wedding packages and contact them today!

Peace & Love,

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