October 27, 2014

Caution: This Post Contains Spooky Halloween Decor & Treat Ideas!

October has been a very busy month for us here at Your Jubilee. We have been so blessed with weddings, networking events, and the WedAZ launch party that we have not had much time for Halloween party planning. This year instead of hosting the party we will be the guest and bring some of these fun decor items and spooky treats with us! 

One of our favorite treats during this time of year is candy corn!!! Here are a few delicious ways to use them in your Halloween decor. #candycorncrafts

Candy Corn Balls:
These are my favorite candy corn decor, and also very easily made. Buy various size styrofoam balls from your local craft store and then hot glue the fatter end of the candy corn to the styrofoam ball. Place these in various size vases or place a few in bowls for table center pieces. 

Candy Corn Trees:

This is a fun and easy decor item that will clean up your backyard and have your home ready for your halloween party! Take sticks from your backyard and then clean them of any leaves or dirt. Then take the candy corn and hot glue pieces to various end of the tick. Fill vases or jars with the excess candy and put various sticks in the jar to create a tree like look. 

Candy Corn Table Runner:
Take your bounty of candy and dump it onto your table. Then use a ruler or a straight edge of some kind and scoot the candy to the center of the table. Once you have finished creating two straight edges mix in fun decor such as pumpkins, candles, or leaves. 

Now what about some fun, yummy, or even spooky halloween treats you can bring as a guest to the party? Try one of these easy treats that may spook you and your friends.

Vampire Donuts:

How can you make donuts scary? It is simple! All you need is a glazed donut, we recommend the delicious ones sold at Fractured Prune here in Chandler, vampire teeth, and chocolate chips. Place the chocolate chips as eyes and maneuver the vampire teeth into the center hole and these treats are sure to be a hit! 

Witch Hat Oreos:

This easy treat will only take you 10-15 minutes. All you need is a box of Oreos, orange icing, Hershey Kiss, and yellow sprinkles.  Take the Hershey Kiss and squeeze a good amount of orange icing to the bottom of the kiss. Then place the kiss on top of the Oreo, the finishing touch is a yellow sprinkle or hard candy that is used at the button on the witches hat. The sprinkle will stay on from the extra icing that has been smushed out. Enjoy this treat, it is pure evil! 

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops:
For these marshmallow pops you will need sticks, marshmallows , black gel icing tube, chocolate candy melts, and green candy chocolate melts. Dip the marshmallows in the green candy melt, then place in fridge for 12-15 minutes. Then dip the tops into the melted chocolate and place in fridge for 12-15 minutes. Once the color has hardened onto the marshmallow use the tube of black icing to create the face. Display as desired and watch them be devoured! 

We are looking forward to the holiday weekend ahead and we hope these tips will help you save time and enjoy dressing up and spending time with your loved ones. Have fun this Halloween and be sure treat yourself to lots and lots of yummy candy!

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