June 26, 2015

Casual Reception Seating Options

We’ve noticed more and more couples opting for a casual take on wedding reception seating.  Opting to forego assigned reception seating, many brides are choosing to let their guests find their own seats. Here are a couple options for those that wish to break away from the traditional and have a more relaxed wedding reception.  

Partially Reserved:
Many couples are choosing to reserve just a handful of seats.  Perhaps just a head table for the bridal party or a couple of reserved tables for immediate family.  Some only reserve seats for themselves, either at a sweethearts table or at the center of a large farm table.  This allows the couple to spend less time deciding who will sit next to who.  While unreserved seats work best for buffet style meals, you can still have a plated meal without a full seating chart.  If your dinner is plated, ask guests to pick up an escort card for their chosen seat.  You can discreetly coordinate what that guest chose to eat by printing in coordinating colors or adding a decoration to each card. They then can place the card at their seat and the servers will know which meal to provide.  

Lounge Seating:
Some super modern venues are making lounge and vignette seating more popular.  Instead of traditional rounds or farm tables, couples opt for more dance space and less rentals.  We recommend still having some traditional seating for older guests, but utilizing high top tables and high top bars to present a more casual setting can create a far more laid back atmosphere. 

Elevated Street Food Dinning & Seating:
With food trucks and food carts still a huge wedding trend some couples opts for no seating at all. With high tops scattered about, they want there reception to feel more like a food truck or festival vibe so people can order their food at the cart or truck and then spend the rest of the night on the dance floor! We think this is a very fun way to have a relaxed reception but still recommend some vignette couches or seating for older guest. 

We still think traditional seating options are great too, but what we really support is doing what feels right for you as a couple, whether that means a full seating chart or open seating for all.  Your wedding is your day, enjoy whatever seating option you think feels right.   

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