June 24, 2015

BuzzFeed, Bridesmaids, and Wedding Fun!

We love BuzzFeed! With the fun facts articles, and videos it is very easy to get lost for hours in all of the interested reads! When we came across this video yesterday it made us laugh! For many brides this is very close to their dress shopping experience with their bridesmaids, but for others it may not be. We wanted to share some fun, unique activities you can do with you and your bridesmaids during your wedding process to make it even more memorable and bring you closer then ever! After all, they are the lucky ladies that have your back during your big day, that is kind of a big deal! 

Are you a DIY bride or just love to be crafty? Share this with your bridesmaids. Having them help with your centerpieces and special touches will help make your day even more special for them. They will see the beautiful things they made and love knowing that the special projects help bring your day beautifully together. 

Bridesmaid Boudoir Photoshoot
Let’s face it, boudoir photoshoots can be very intimidating! What better way to get some great shots then including some of your favorite gal pals? Spend the day popping bubbly and getting dolled up with your girls and embrace your inner super model. You can have the photographer snag some ultra sexy ones for you at the end of the shoot for a special gift for your hubby-to-be. 


For more fun Boudoir ideas visit here.
Floral Crown Class
Who doesn’t love a pretty crown adorned upon their head, made from beautiful florals, even better!!! Ask a local florist for a class on floral arrangements or floral crowns and send the afternoon making pretty things! This could help you create some unique center pieces for your shower or wedding day!

Bridesmaid Brunch
We will be talking about this new trend in a later blog post but how fun is it to get your favorite gals together over delicious food and mimosas? This is a perfect time to ask your bestie to have your back during your special day and to introduce, share stories, and build friendships between bridesmaids who may not know each other. 
Cooking Class
What better way to pick up a new skill or find a special recipe then with your bridesmaids? Maybe take a baking class and learn how to create specialty cookies or cupcakes. Spend time together indulging in what you just made and surprise your groom with your new skills! 

The time spent planning your wedding is such a special time. Your day is all about love, so make sure your loved ones are feeling the love and gratitude from you as well during this exciting time. 

Can’t find the time to do it all? That is where our team here at Your Jubilee can jump in! We can set your vendor meeting, keep you on budget, and create your day of timeline. Contact us today to ensure you have the best possible wedding planning experience. You don’t want to miss out on our summer special as well! Only a few days left to book with us before July and receive a complimentary popcorn bar! 

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