March 7, 2018

Bullet Journaling: Organization with Style

Hey there! My name is Gloria LaBrash and I am so excited to be interning with Your Jubilee this semester. I am a sophomore studying Business Management and Special Events Management at Arizona State University. (Go Devils!) I have been planning events since I was 15, and the glitz and the glamour of the wedding industry has always been appealing to me. I can’t wait to work alongside Ashley and Meagan this Spring and experience some beautiful weddings!

In my experience with event planning, I have learned about how to plan and organize my life to be as productive as possible. I’ve tried every method of personal organization out there, everything from Google Calendar to a personalized luxury planner in order to stay on top of my events and my personal life. The only method of organization that I have found to be completely effective is bullet journaling.

A bullet journal is a combination of a planner, a sketchbook, and a diary all in one bound notebook. Here is how I would recommend starting a bullet journal:

Use High Quality Supplies.

I use a 5×8.5″ Black Moleskine Notebook to do my bullet journaling. It is a grid style notebook, meaning that instead of lined paper, the pages are less structured in a dotted grid format. This type of notebook allows for me to doodle and organize each page differently than the last. As for the best pens to use, honestly I grab whatever I have on me that day, but most of the time I use a .07 Black Ballpoint G2 Pen.

Don’t Stress! Mistakes happen.

I was very hesitant to start bullet journaling because I feared making mistakes and not having a traditionally “pretty” looking journal. Over time, I have grown to use my journal to reflect the type of day I am having. My more hectic and jam-packed days don’t have any headers or frilly details, while the days where I have some time to myself, I could spend hours organizing my life for the next week using every color in the rainbow.

Use it as a “Life” Journal.

I started bullet journaling with the intent of keeping track of my events on paper, but over time I have incorporated my journal into every aspect of my life. Between the pages of my journal, you can find everything from meeting minutes to grocery lists. My house keys, my wallet, and my journal are the only three things I must have on my person when I leave my house each day.

Keeping a bullet journal has greatly enhanced my life, and I am more organized than I have ever been. Whether you are planning your dream wedding, your next vacation, or your carpool schedule for the week, bullet journaling should be a part of your life!


Gloria LaBrash

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