July 13, 2015

Bridal Party Guide: What the Heck Should They Be Doing?

Hooray, your bridal party is selected and you have some of your closets family or friends standing by your side and supporting you through your wedding journey. But wait, you haven’t done this before, what the heck should they be doing, or what are they expected to as a member of your bridal party? Here is a guide to help you, know what they should be supporting you on and what you can delegate to them through your wedding process. 

Maid of Honor
The Maid, or Matron, of Honor is the brides go to gal. She is the main support and backbone for the bride to be and helps throughout the entire wedding process.

  • Help plan and throw bridal shower
  • Help plan and throw bachelorette party
  • Assist bride in choosing her bridal dress and accessories along with her attendance dresses
  • Record all gifts received at her bridal shower as well as collect all bows for her rehearsal bouquet (this can be given to another bridesmaids to do so as well)
  • Help bride with DIY projects
  • If she has not hired Your Jubilee for day of coordination, help the bride and grooms family set reception site day of the wedding before hair and makeup begins
  • Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Day of wedding help the bride get dressed and stay calm
  • Is most likely one of the witnesses who will be expected to sign the marriage license
  • Write and make a toast to the bride and groom 
  • Is the first one on the dance floor during the reception and encourages the other members of the bridal party and guest to join her

Best Man
Like the Maid of Honor to the bride, the best Man is the grooms biggest support and shoulder to lean on through the entire wedding process. He is someone who knows when the time for fun is and when it is time to be organized and get things done for the groom. 

  • Plan and host the bachelor party
  • Rent or purchase the suit or tux that the bride and groom has chosen for you
  • Arrange for transportation for groom and groomsmen day of the wedding
  • Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Helps keeps the groom calm
  • Helps corral and manage the groomsmen and ring bearers 
  • Write and make a toast to the bride and groom
  • Arrives to the ceremony site with the groom about 1 hour before it begins
  • If not at the alter with the groom, escorts the maid or matron of honor down the aisle
  • If they have not hired a day of planner, give final payments and tips to all vendors
  • With the maid of honor, is the first on the dance floor and asks others to join them
  • Helps tear down and ensure the bride and grooms gifts and DIY projects get to where they need to be
  • Organizes the return of any rented items from the groomsmen 

A bridesmaid is someone the bride trusts, can rely on, and of course can have some fun with. During the stressful time of wedding planning she will need a few laughs through it all. The bridesmaids are the brides confidant, advice giver, errand runner, and sometimes the doer of very menial tasks all while having a smile on her face.

  • Purchase your gown and accessorize that the bride has selected for you
  • Assist Maid or Matron of Honor with hosting the bridal shower
  • Assist in bachelorette party planning and financing
  • Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Help the bride make her DIY projects
  • Help set the reception venue with any decor or DIY items
  • Run errands as needed requested by the bride
  • Arrive to venue early to get ready and help bride with her finishing touches
  • Join the Maid of Honor and Best Man on the dance floor at the reception

The groomsmen are meant to be more then a few of the grooms pals who will stand by his side on the day of and look pretty. Hopefully you choose men who will give you advice, aid you in any wedding task asked, and help seat wedding guest. 

  • Assist in planning and financing the bachelor party
  • Rent or buy wedding attire selected for you
  • Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Help with watching and directing the ring bearers 
  • If set up is required, help set and move any heavy rental items before getting ready
  • Arrive to ceremony site at least 1 hour before with the groom
  • Escort the bridesmaids down the aisle 
  • Join the bridal party on the dance floor during the reception
  • Assist in getting bride and grooms decor items and gifts to the car at the end of the night

Flower Girls
Often the cutest in the bridal party and can even seem to steal the show during the ceremony. The flower girl is someone who prepares the aisle for the beautiful bride to enter. Be sure she is fully prepped before the big day, you may even want to assign a bridesmaid to be the flower girls buddy to ensure she is where she is supposed to be at all times. 

  • Parents pay for dress and any alterations needed
  • Attends the rehearsal and dinner with her parents. Be sure to bring any basket or decor she will be carrying so she can practice and be confident in what she is doing
  • Arrives 1 hour before the ceremony begins
  • If you have a kid friendly reception they join the party with their family

Ring Bearers 
Some weddings may opt not to have a ring bearer depending if the couple has any young boys they want involved in their wedding. If you do, be sure he is also prepped and knows what a big responsibility it is to carry the rings down the aisle to the groom. A helpful tip for both the flower girls and the ring bearers is to reserve seats for their parents near the front and ensure they have an aisle seat so they can go sit with  them during the ceremony. 

  • Parents pay for attire that the bride and groom has selected. 
  • Attends rehearsal and dinner with his parents. If he is too young to hold the rings be sure to assign this to the Best Man or Maid of Honor
  • Carries the rings (if old enough) down the aisle before the flower girls. 

If you have a member of your bridal party who seems overwhelmed or is unsure of what to do, be sure to send them this post! Have fun with your bridal party and be sure to ask people who you know will support you both and bring joy and ease to what can be a stressful planning process. We are here to help as well and can help manage your family and bridal party for your rehearsal and your special day! 

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