August 27, 2014

Bouquet Styles- You Have More Options Than You Might Think!

On your wedding day, your bouquet is the ultimate accessory.  These days there are lots of options to choose from! Don’t just think about the colors or flowers you want included, but think about the style of bouquet you want.  Here is a little inpiration to get you started!
Arm or Presentation Bouquet: Think beauty pageant winner.  This is the bouquet that Miss America cradles in her arm characterized by long stemmed flowers and greens.   
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Biedermeier: Think of this one a little like a bulls-eye.  This bouquet is typically small and created by adding rings of different types or colors of flowers.

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Cascade: This is the iconic bouquet style of Princess Diana.  Flowers seem to flow down like a waterfall, creating a dramatic feel.  

Nosegay: This is one of the more common styles in the last decade.  This is a smaller round and very uniform bouquet of similar blooms.  Typically the stems are ribbon wrapped. 
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Pomander: While not too common, this style is gaining popularity.  This ball of blooms is suspended from a looped ribbon or string of pearls.  The ribbon can then be held in the hand or slipped over the wrist.  This is a great option for flower girls.  

Hand-Tied Bouquet: This style is becoming very popular and is supposed to look as if you gathered your flowers on your way to the alter.  It should look and feel very natural and understated. 

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Corsage:  A bridesmaid option that is gaining popularity as well as a great option for managing costs is a corsage.  Some brides are even adorning their wrists with grand interpretations of the corsage, like Tamera Judge from The Real House Wives of Orange County.

No matter what option you decide on, we know it will be beautiful!  Remember, a planner can help you find a great florist and combine all of your ideas to create a stunning wedding day! Your Jubilee has packages for every event and budget.  We’d love to help make your big day perfect!

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