June 21, 2018

Boho Baby Shower

Last month we had the honor to plan my twin sister, and past YJ Brides baby shower! She shared with me her vision of a boho macrame shower with a touch of whimsy shown through her love of Unicorns. At first, I wasn’t sure how both elements would come together but thanks to the hard work of friends and family, and our amazing vendor team, the vision came together perfectly!

Some things that I thought was challenging during the planning process was, first how to make baby showers somewhat fun…especially for the guest who don’t have any babies, and how to have great food that is also low in fat. The mama-to-be is on a very specific diet so it made our first catering option go out the window and so we enlisted the help of some friends and family who loved to cook!

For food we decided on a light affair since the shower began after lunch. Our low fat recipes included salad with low fat dressing, ground turkey stuffed bell peppers, chicken salad bites on top of cucumbers, skinny vegetable dip, and Mo with Bear and the Honey made delicious raspberry low fat cupcakes.. . so good!  Some of the recipes are attached above if you would like to use them for your upcoming events.









For desserts not only did we have the unicorn cupcakes from Bear and the Honey, but we also brought in the whimsical unicorn feel through yummy recipes made  by our step mom. We had unicorn poop, unicorn bark, and unicorn horns for all the guest to much on and take extras home!

Now that the food was taken care of, I had to figure out how I could bring the fun with games and activities the future mama would love along with all of her guest. The two interactive games I chose was “Chopstick Binky” and “Name That Baby Tune.” I found my inspiration for chopstick binky game here. Pretty much 4 guest had 30 seconds to collect as many binkies onto a chopstick that was held in their mouth, the person who collected the most at the end won! To watch the 4 girls try to collect them on their chopstick with no hands was very amusing. The name that tune style game included songs that had the word “baby” in it. I would play anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute of the song and guest had to write the name and artist of who sang each song. Some of the favorites on my list were: “Baby Love” by The Supremes, “ABC” by The Jackson 5, “Come on Over Baby” by Christina Aguilera, and “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice.

Activities that guest could play as they arrived included an Alphabet book where guest could color their favorite letter,  late night diapers where they wrote funny things on diapers to help the new parents laugh through those late night changes, and a polaroid photo booth station where you can snap a pic with the future mama and leave her words of wisdom on her next big adventure in life.


Final details of the day included a guest book dreamcatcher, a mom-o-sa bar, a diaper dream catcher wreath that Ashley made (she has a seriously awesome hidden talent,) and a popcorn bar that was the favor for guest to take home with them.





Lauren, we hope you had the best day filled with so much love! You are a beautiful mama-to-be and we cannot wait to meet baby Penelope!

Vendor Team:

Photography: Ryan Nicole (who was also her wedding photographer, it was so special to have her there!)

Rentals: Dang Fine Rentals

Copper Arch: Wildflower AZ

Florals: Sister-in- law Veronica with Juliet le Fluer

Signage: Wildly Written by AK 

Food: Friends & Family

Unicorn Cupcakes: Bear and the Honey



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