July 30, 2015

Ask Ashley: Wedding Registry, The Basics

It has come to my attention that couples have a lot of questions about registries- and why wouldn’t they.  You are choosing all the items that make up your daily lives together.  You should be choosing quality items that will be around for your 25th anniversary.  So for the next few weeks, I will be sharing some specifics about registering for linens, china and utensils, kitchen essentials and everything else.  For today,  Lets start with the basics!

Do I have to have a registry?
The answer is YES!  Even if you have been living together for 20 years, people want to celebrate your union by giving you a gift, and you might as well give them some guidance.  Here are three reasons that you should register even if you don’t want to:

1.) You get discounts at certain stores to complete your registry, aka buy anything you want from the store, with an additional discount of 10-35%. There are alternatives: Giftofstock.com allows guest to buy you stock instead of giving you money. 

2.) The website honeymoon.com allows guests to pay for parts of your honeymoon.  The I Do Foundation sends guests contributions to the couples favorite charity. Still some guest will want to go the traditional route so you should still consider registering at at least one store. 

3.) Registries are a great excuse to upgrade what you currently have.  Register for the nice pots and pans you’ve had your eye on or even register at Target for all of your favorite movies.

How many places should I register at?
I would recommend registering at three places.  Start with a store you can find anywhere and go to often.  Target is a great example.  Not only can you register for the basics, but also things like blue-ray players, movies and video games.  Then head to a department store like Macy’s.  This is your one stop shop for things like fine china, crystal and luggage!  Then choose a specialty store.  This could be a local store with unique finds that you love, or a store like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn or Z Gallerie.  These three options allow for varying locations, price ranges and gift options.  
How many things should I register for?
Start with twice as many items as guests you have invited.  This gives people plenty of options to choose from.  You can always add more items as you go.  Once you register, most stores allow you to manage your registry online, where you can add and delete as you’d like. Don’t be afraid to scan anything you see and like.  Make sure to include plenty of items at varying price levels to accommodate every guests budget.  
When should we complete our registry?
We recommend having your first round of registering completed at least 4 months out, but ideally six months months in advance of your wedding.  This gives guests plenty of time to make their selections in time for bridal showers and any other events. Don’t try to hit all three stores in one day.  We’ll be releasing our own wedding registry checklist soon!

How do we let guests know where we are registered?
Avoid including this invitation in your wedding invitation, however, it is perfectly fine to include this information in a bridal shower invitation.  Your wedding website is also a great place to share your stores of choice! 

I hope this gets you started with some registry considerations.  Check back next week for details on fine china, crystal and silver! Now go out, have fun, and start scanning! 

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