August 1, 2014

Ask Ashley: To Gift Or Not To Gift

It’s time for another round of Ask Ashley (Thaaaat’s me!!! -Anyone else remember that obnoxious skit from Amanda Bynes glory days on All That?  I think of it every time I write these posts.)  Okay, moving on.  

This week, we are talking gifts!  When is it appropriate to bring a gift, what kind of gift is appropriate for certain occasions and is it okay not to bring a gift?  Let’s dive in!

Do I need to bring a gift to a bachelorette party? 

As with most events, let the invitation guide you.  Many will ask you to bring a pair of panties or gag gift.  However, unless requested by the hosts, a gift is optional- especially for out of town bachelorette weekends.  Chances are you have already invested a fair amount of money into making this a fantastic weekend for the bride to be.  Feel free to bring her a little something, but know that unless stated on the invitation, a gift shouldn’t be expected.

Do I have to buy a gift from the registry?

Unless you know the couple really well and have a clear gauge of their style, tastes and needs, I always recommend sticking to the registry.  A registry takes all the guess work out of finding the perfect gift, because the couple has already given you a list of everything they want and where you can find it.  Some couples even register for parts of thier honeymoon.  Don’t go rogue.  Find something on the list in your price range or, when in doubt, give the couple a gift card to one of the stores they registered at.  Most stores will offer the couple a 10-25% discount to complete their registry, why not give them a little more money to shop with!

If I can’t attend the wedding, should I still send a gift?

The best indicator here is if you attended and brought a gift to the bridal shower, you should definitely consider sending a gift to the wedding.  The closer you are to the bride and/or groom, the more expected a gift is.  If you are an acquaintance who isn’t able to make it, a gift is not necessary.  Reverse the situation and ask yourself if you would expect them to send you a gift, if the answer is yes, go shopping.  

My friend is having two bridal showers, and I’m invited to both,  do I need to bring a gift to both?

Bring a gift to multiple showers is not necessary.  Bring a gift to the first event you are invited to and for the second don’t feel obligated to give again.  In this situation.  I like to find a good two-part gift from the registry.  For example, perhaps the couple registered for a popcorn maker and ceramic popcorn bowls.  I might give the popcorn machine at the first party and the bowls with some popcorn flavoring at the second.  This allows me to stay within my budget, but also not feel like the odd man out when it comes to gift unwrapping time!  

Do you have questions about your upcoming wedding or event?  Ask me! Either leave a comment below or email Ashley at

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