January 8, 2015

Ask Ashley: Five Ways To Save On Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are easily one of the most expensive, but equally beautiful parts of a wedding.  Brides to be are always asking me how they can save a few bills, but not give up their favorite blooms.  Here are a few ways you can keep costs low and floral elegance high!

1. Use the bouquets as decoration.  Bridesmaid bouquets and even the brides bouquet, can double as centerpieces, and reception decor.  As you are planning your reception floral make sure your vision allows for reuse of these bouquets.  

2. Fruity Fillers.  Fruit and veggies are an inexpensive addition to centerpieces that will fill the arrangement and cost you very little.  Think pumpkins, goards, artichokes, lemons, limes, apples and pomegranates.  These will add beautiful pops of color and save you a little green!

                                                 via                                                         via    

3. Add nontraditional elements to your bouquet. Artichokes, herbs and even wheat, kale or lavender can help make your bouquet not only beautiful but unique.  Add feathers, broaches and even stem balls for fun.

4. Ask your florist to sub some peonies for carnations.  I know you are probably in shock right now, if you are a peony lover like me, but a good florist knows how to bundle carnations just right, that most people would never know the difference.  This can really save you some money on bouquets.  Can you spot the carnations in the arrangement above?

                                  via                                             via                                   via

5.  Use decor other than flowers.  Candles, lanterns, planted herbs, terrariums, glass jars- these are all great options for a beautiful tablescape that will cost much less than a floral bouquet.

Do you have questions about your upcoming wedding or event?  Ask us! Either leave a comment below or email Ashley at ashley@yourjubilee.com!

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