September 5, 2014

Anatomy of an Invitation

Invitations can be a little intimidating.  What pieces do I really need?  How should I word everything?  It can be confusing if you aren’t sure So this month we are going to talk about a few things you need to know when it comes to invitations.  Today we are going to break down the anatomy for you!
The Invitation
This is the key piece-obviously.  This is the centerpiece of the invitation you mail out.  In some cases it may be the only piece other than the envelope.  We’ll get into more detail about how you can word this baby a little later in the month.  For now, lets just talk about the basics.  The invitation must include the bride and grooms names, the ceremony time and the ceremony location.  Feel free to also include parents names, reception time and location, wedding website and even RSVP email.
Reception Card
You really only need this when the reception information is not included on the invitation.  It’s just what it sounds like, the reception card includes information about your reception including start time and location.  
When you would like guest to RSVP via mail, you include a reply card.  Don’t forget to also include and pre-stamped envelope or set the card up to mail like a post card.  Make sure to include a place for the guests name as well as a return date. You can also include dinner selections, a place to include guests and your wedding RSVP website/email.  

Directions Card
This is typically an optional piece, but in our minds, it should be included.  Why?  Because Google maps can sometimes have a mind of it’s own.  There are few things more embarrassing than walking into a wedding in the middle of a ceremony because you spent 30 extra minutes trying to find the venue.  Include the name and address of both the ceremony and reception sites and also include written directions and or a map.  You can also include ceremony and reception times and parking information.  
If you do choose to have multiple components to your invitation, talk to your stationary provider about ways you can organize all the pieces to look crisp.  There are lots of ways to organize other than just putting all the pieces inside an envelope. 
Stay tuned for more invitation information this month!

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