March 14, 2018

Alternative Gemstone Engagement Rings on the Rise

Hey, there! It’s Ellie Sanders here again! For decades, the diamond has been the go-to stone for engagement rings and wedding bands. But recently, engagement rings featuring alternative, colorful gemstones have been increasing in popularity with brides-to-be and on social media! What’s the cause of this recent shift from the traditional rock? Perhaps it’s because of changing metal preferences (with rose gold dominating current jewelry trends), or could it simply be that couples feel less pressure to follow wedding traditions nowadays? Whatever the reason, I am on the watch (or shall I say…on the ring?) and here to tell you what gemstones you need to keep your eye on!

1. Morganite

By far the most popular engagement ring gemstone, morganite is a romantic-looking stone with light pink or peachy hues. It’s transparency is similar to that of a diamond, which makes it such a popular choice for an alternative center stone. The stone pairs beautifully with a rose gold setting and creates an ultra-feminine feel.

If the romantic look isn’t enough to sell you on this stone, the price surely will! The average price for a 1 carat diamond is around $3,000, but a 1 carat morganite stone will cost you around $300! It’s for these reasons that morganite engagement rings are dominating Pinterest and Instagram jewelry accounts now.

2. Aquamarine

While it’s not nearly as popular as morganite, aquamarine engagement rings are gaining momentum with brides as well. This transparent, pale blue stone looks similar to a diamond without the cost! The average cost per carat of aquamarine is only $250! Aquamarine is diverse in regards to what metals it can be paired with. When paired with gold, it gives off a vintage vibe, and when paired with silver it looks cool and fresh! Those wanting to make even more of a statement can pair the stone with rose gold for an undeniably striking ring!

3. Amethyst

Finally, truly daring brides are taking on amethyst as their engagement ring center stone! Estimating the price of an amethyst is tricky because there is such a wide variety on the market. Amethysts can range in color from light to dark purple, and certain variations of amethyst take on a mint green color! If you’re an Arizona bride looking to pay homage to your state, Four Peaks Amethyst can only be found in our very own mountains! The beautiful gemstone is a rich, deep purple color that will certainly turn heads!


Only time can tell…

While it’s unlikely that the diamond will ever have to give up its #1 spot on the engagement ring center stone list, alternative gemstone engagement rings are more popular than they’ve ever been! With more brides wanting to take risks and stray away from formal wedding traditions, it’ll be interesting to see just how popular these alternative stones become in the next couple of years!

Thanks for reading!

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