November 17, 2015

A Twist on Traditions: Unique Send Off Ideas

The moment you’ve been waiting for since the day you got engaged has come… being presented as a married couple for the first time at the altar. This, in my opinion, is one of the happiest moments throughout the whole day. Your guests are cheering, smiling, laughing, and applauding. But who can forget the memorable send off, traditionally remembered as throwing rice in the air to celebrate the love and happiness you have for each other.

This classic tradition has changed to fit ones environment, style, personality, and the crowd.Here are some unique send off ideas that can help give your wedding the style you want. But first…

When do you want to do it?

Before giving some specific ideas as to what to throw or celebrate with, you should decide when your send off will happen. The traditional send off happens when you walk out of the church or back down the aisle however, couples have send offs at the ends of their receptions usually during the evening as well. This can help you decide what objects will be a part of that special moment.

Confetti, glitter, and all things that shine:

Gold Confetti
Party Poppers
Flowers, petals, and anything that grows (eco-friendly):

Lavender Filled Cups
Flower Petals

Things that fly:


Things to keep in your hands:

Ribbon Wands
Pom Poms
Here are a few more unique ideas:

Eco friendly confetti
Bird seeds
Mini beach balls
Rainbow sprinkles
Paper airplanes
And flags with customizable sayings or words!

Have your guests send you off into a new chapter of your life as a new couple! It’s a time to be happy and celebrate!

Xoxo, Daniela 

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