July 2, 2015

8 Ways to Avoid Being a #BasicBride

If there is one thing we believe in above all else it’s that your wedding should be a genuine reflection of who you and your fiancé are as a couple.  It should not be about checking the boxes of a wedding to do list, about having the trendiest theme, or the “coolest” vendors.  It should be about celebrating the special love the two of you have.  Here are 8 ways to avoid being just another #basicbride on your wedding day!

1. If you have never stepped foot into a barn, don’t have your wedding in one!  We get it, rustic chic is the “it” thing to do, but how does a barn wedding fit into your love story?  Don’t go out and buy your first pair of cowboy boots to wear with your wedding dress!  Now, if you grew up loving to ride horses, wear cowboy boots on the regular, or have some special connection, by all means, go with a country chic theme!

2.  Candy Bars.  Aren’t color themed candy bars the cutest?  One problem, most of the candies that you have to choose from for these types of bars, aren’t very good.  By the end of the night you are left with jars full of blue gumballs that you are never going to finish.  Instead, opt for something a little different.  Love camping together?  Have a S’mores bar!  Is dessert your favorite part of a meal?  Opt for lots of sweet treats!  Consider yourselves cigar aficionado’s?  Host a cigar bar for your guest.  There are so many options, that look just as cute in pictures.

3.  Every bride in the last decade has gotten a white rhinestoned bride tank.  Why not elevate your look with one of these adorable blushing bride tanks with bow from juju’s tutu’s!  What we love about these tanks is that they have a purpose.  The bow unties making it easy to slip off once your bridal hair and makeup have been completed.

4.  Does your wedding look like an ode to Pinterest?  Don’t get us wrong, Pinterest is amazing for sparking creativity and developing an overall feeling that you want to capture on your big day, but don’t make your wedding look like the top 10 wedding pins.  Find an idea and make it your own.

5.  Chalkboard signs, mason jars and burlap- oh my!  We can honestly say, we haven’t worked on a single wedding in the last year that didn’t include one or all three of these things.  A pretty chalkboard sign is hard to pass up, but there are lots of ways to display a seating chart or a menu.  Remember how puffy sleeves and huge veils are a dead giveaway for an 80’s or early 90’s wedding?  Thats what mason jars and burlap will be for the 2010’s!

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6.  Did you know you don’t have to have flower bouquets?  Don’t get us wrong, we love a beautiful bouquet of blooms, but some brides just don’t really care about flowers. They can be a big expense, so if they aren’t important to you, don’t have them just because everyone else does!  Try an alternative, like balloons, parasols, paper flowers or pinwheels.


7. Nails! It seems somewhere in our childhood it was engrained that you must have a french manicure for your wedding day.  Don’t be afraid to jazz it up with glitter or design.

8.  Cake isn’t for everyone.  Some couples, hate frosting, some are super healthy, and some just love another option more.  Don’t be afraid to have something different, or skip the cake feeding tradition all together.  Maybe getting gelato is your weekly tradition- incorporate that into your wedding.

Please keep in mind, any of the things on this list, might be right for you and your wedding.  We just want to make sure you are thinking about ways to make your special day unique to you and not just doing what you are “suppose” to do.  This is the one day that should be anything but basic.  Need ideas?  We’re here to help!

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