January 5, 2016

New Year, New You: Insider’s Guide to the Best Yoga, Spin, and Trainers in the Valley!

Happy 2016! We know we have been on a little MIA this holiday season but after a few days off with family and a huge New Years Eve wedding (more to come on this) we are back! We will be sampling the best of 2015 later this week but we first wanted to focus on some of our goals for the new year! 

One of the biggest goals we all have at the beginning of the year are our fitness goals. We all look in the mirror and vow to get to the gym, eat better, and loose weight! To actually get off the coach, shut off Netflix, and get to the gym is super tough! 

We want to help you with this goal and give you the insider scoop on what you need to know about some of our favorite ways to workout and some of the best places in Arizona to do so! 

1.) Spin
Spin is one of our favorite ways to work out! We have talked about it before but we love to Party on a Bike and boogie at The Madison. They have two locations in the valley, one in Phoenix and one in Tempe. 

What You Need to Know:
Most studios offer spin shoes for you to rent for the class and clip into the bike, if not, they offer pedals that you can slide your tennis shoes and strap into. No special skills needed, even if you can’t ride a bike you can do a spin class! Most studios offer beginner level classes as well but as long as you can groove you can pick up the basics of a spin class. Honestly, the hardest part is clipping in and out of the bike, and beginners beware, your butt will hurt after your first class!

2.) Yoga
Yoga is something that you can supplement in between your heavier workout days to ensure you take the time to slow down and  stretch it out. We love Sumits Yoga Tempe, The Madison, and Fit Republic for our yoga practice. 

What You Need to Know:
Bring your own yoga mat! Some studios have mats to borrow but once you see how sweaty you get during a great vinyasa you will want to practice on your own mat. A small towel and even a yoga block is also recommended to help you through your flow. All studios offer various levels of yoga classes so don’t be intimidated, even if the person next to you is up in a headstand and you feel exhausted it is totally ok to go down into child’s pose and regroup! Also, there are special yogi words you will need to know before class “Vinyasa” refers to a flow or sequence of movements, “Savasana,” which is our favorite part, is the final relaxing pose used for meditation, and “Namaste” is the salutation used at the end of class. 

3.) The Gym
Walking into a gym is one of the most intimidating things to do, especially if you are a little over weight. We love going to the gym with friends and working out with trainers who can guide us along the way! Beauty and the Beard are some of our favorite valley trainers who help you set and push you to your fitness goals!

What You Need to Know:
Leave your inhibitions at the door, when you hire personal trainers you hire them to push you out of your comfort zone! All you need when walking into a gym is you, athletic shoes, and water! 

The first time you try anything will be your hardest, so grab a friend and hold each other accountable to get up and get out! It’s best to sweat and set goals with others! Good luck with all of your 2016 goals, we hope this post helps inspire you to try something new! Cheers to a happy and healthy 2016!! 


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