July 21, 2015

5 Reasons it’s important to RSVP

We’ve noticed a trend.  It’s something almost every bride has mentioned to us.  Unfortunately we hope its a trend that’s on its way out.  What is it?  Lack of RSVP response.

In today’s fast-paced, facebook world, RSVPing for events seems to have been lost. We’ve tried to come up with solutions, thanks to Facebook events and evites making it easy to send a response, but ultimately the problem is more about commitment.  Most of us won’t even take the time to click Yes. No or Maybe on that event notifications, because we aren’t sure if we have the time. Even as a wedding planner, I know how important it is for a host to be able to have an accurate guest count, yet, I almost never fully commit to an event, until I know with complete certainty that I can attend- and lets be honest, almost nothing in my life is certain! So consider this post both a plea and a personal reminder to myself.

1.  The bride and groom didn’t spend extra money and stamp all those response cards just to make a pretty addition to their invitation. They have made it as easy as possible for you to check a box and perhaps make a dinner selection.  Maybe they have made the card a little more interactive by asking you to send a song request for the reception.  The point is, just send it back and preferably by the date requested.  Even if you can’t attend.  Regrets are just as important as accepting an invitation.

2. The bride and grooms spending is determined by the number of people attending their wedding.  A guest count determines the number of tables needed at the reception, the number of chairs for the ceremony, the size of the cake, the number of meals, the number of centerpieces… just about everything. If for any reason your plans change and you can no longer attend, let the bride and groom know in advance,  they will appreciate the money you are able to save them.

3.  When you miss the RSVP deadline, you are adding to the the couple’s to do list.  There is a lot to do to prepare for a wedding, especially in the last couple weeks.  The last thing the bride and groom, or their families want to do is call around getting attendance confirmations.  Don’t be that guest.

4.  Seating charts are hard enough, but the longer it takes to get a final headcount, the more stressful they become.  Having to rearrange tables because of late RSVPs is both challenging and time consuming.Once the seating chart has been finalized, the list often must be sent to the printer for escort cards and sometimes the chart itself is even printed.  By being late with a response it forces everyones deadlines to be tighter.

5,  Even if you have lost the response card, there is no excuse for not letting the bride and groom know if you plan on attending their wedding.  An email or text message response is better than no response at all.

A lot of time and money goes into planning any event, especially a wedding.  Th bride and groom want you to be there to be a part of their special day.  Do them the kindness of responding in a timely manner.  Lets end the anti-RSVP trend!

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