July 16, 2015

5 of Our Favs: Wedding Movies

Trying to narrow down my top five favorite wedding movies was a lot harder than I thought.  As I was going through my own movie collection, I realized I had 12 movies with wedding themes… 12!  I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise since I love weddings.  Let’s just call this list my favorites of the moment!

27 Dresses

So maybe you’re surprised that The Wedding Planner isn’t at the top of this list, but let’s be real, Mary falls for the fiancé of one of her brides!  I just can’t get behind that- even when the groom is Mathew McConaughey!

What I love about 27 dresses is that Jane is a lover of love, much like myself.  She wants to make each brides day perfect and she doesn’t care how much effort that requires.  Maybe it’s the fashion show of the worlds ugliest bridesmaid dresses, maybe it’s the love triangle or maybe it’s James Marsden’s smile, but I can’t get enough of this movie!  By the end, she quits her job and something tells me she would have no problem starting her own wedding consulting business, that would give JLo a run for her money!

My Best Friends Wedding

Everyone knows I love a good musical, and My Best Friends Wedding, was basically that.  The movie opens with a musical number, includes an entire restaurant joining in song at a rehearsal dinner, horrible karaoke singing, and more!  Plus its classic Julia Roberts!  In the end, Jules doesn’t get the man that she is trying to steal, and I totally love that, although I’m not really sure Michael and Kimmy are totally ready to get married. 

Bride Wars

 I love that Bride Wars captures how women dream about their wedding from childhood… and some will stop at nothing to make that dream come to life. Although, I have to say, I have never met a pair of best friends that ever wanted to get married at the same place, let alone during the same month. Either way, the movie is entertaining (and mildly terrifying) and Liv’s dress is one of my favorites- EVER. 


What wedding movie list would be complete without Bridesmaids?  This awesome female cast keeps the laughs coming.  And shows us a few wedding planning nightmares, including getting food poisoning on a bridesmaid dress shopping trip.  All I can say is the next bridal shower I attend, I want to take home a puppy!

The Bachelor
There is so much that I love about this movie.  Hot tip: Never, ever, under any circumstances propose using the phrase “Shit or get off the pot”.  Also, If you ever find yourself in a stampede of brides… good luck.  

There are just so many great bridal classics! I have a strong feeling there will eventually be a part 2 to the post.  What are some of your favorite wedding movies? 

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