June 5, 2015

3 Hot Hairstyles for Summer

As the temp goes up, we’ve got three summer hairstyles to keep you looking cool!  We partnered with Marci Corlis, hair styling extraordinaire, to try out three easy hairstyles that she says will be the “it” look this summer.

Braided Pony Tail

Marci started by braiding a section of hair from the front of Meagan’s head.  Pinning the braid around her by her ear.  Then the rest of her hair is pulled back into a pony tail.  We love this fun way to upgrade your pony.

Milkmaid Braids
Part the hair down the middle of your head and braid each half.  Marci did fishtail braids on Ashley, but you could still accomplish this look using a regular braid.  After both sides are braided, pull them up and pin the across the top of the head, hiding the ends of each braid.  Marci added texturizing spray to get w little more of a messy look.

Half Top Knot

This is such an easy look for summer.  For Holly, Marci pulled the front half of her hair up, wrapping it up into a mini version and of every girls favorite top knot. It’s the perfect look for second (or third) day hair. 
We hope you all enjoy these easy but a fun options for summer!  Is there a look you are afraid to try?  Tell us about it and we’ll try it for you!  

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