June 17, 2015

10 Morning Rituals to Jump Start Your Day!

Now that we are officially in wedding off -season here in Arizona it is time to take a step back and start to regain balance back into our lives. Although we are still busy with open houses, vendor meetings, and meeting with new YJ brides, we have taken some time to remind ourselves, and others,  ways we can start each day on the right foot.

Alright, so most of us are not morning people. I personally like to pretend I am but if you ask my husband how many times I press the snooze button every morning, then I guess I am probably not. As much as I love to get up and get my workout in and over with or get as much done off my to-do list before noon, not all days are easy, and Lord knows I do not wake up on the right side of the bed every morning (something else my husband can attest to!) So what can we do to start our day on the right foot? Here are ten easy steps to do in the morning that will help keep the positive vibes flowing throughout your day! 

Get Your Sweat On.
As I mentioned above, I LOVE working out in the morning. Yes, when the alarm goes off at 5am I always think, weeeellll maybe I can just skip it today, but once I am up and out the door I feel so much better afterwards and it is the perfect jump start to my day! Whether it is a run out doors, walk around the block with the dogs, or practicing yoga, get up and out to stimulate your senses and get your blood flowing. 

Practice Yoga.
Speaking of a good sweat sesh, create your own yoga practice right in your home. Whether it is outdoors, embracing nature or in your bedroom, take time to meditate, and take deep breathes to create the positive thoughts from the moment you wake up. I love a child’s pose, cat/cow stretch, sun salutations or even happy baby to get a few stretches in and ready for my day! Remember deep inhales and exhales breathing in the good stuff and out the bad is always a great way to start the day! 

Lemon Water.
This is something I have been told over and over again and is a routine I personally need to get better at doing each morning. Holly from Give Light Wellness told me that hot lemon water every morning helps aid in your daily digestion, provides your body with vitamins right in the morning, and starts your body off with the biggest thing it needs every day (especially in AZ) WATER! Your body will definitely thank you for the big glass of water you provide it first thing in the morning! 
Make Breakfast. 
It is the most important meal of the day after all! Instead of hitting snooze for the third time like me, get up and make yourself food! Your body will love the nutrients, natural sugars, and vitamins you are putting in to help jump start your day. Choosing healthy proteins and natural sugars will help the most with jump starting your morning. 

Light a Candle. 
Candles create a new ambiance to any room. Lighting a candle and enjoying the new aroma and energy while you are getting ready can be just what you need to bring a smile to your face while you get ready for your day!

Embrace Nature.
It gets very hard to do this during the hot summer months in Arizona. Sometimes I get so caught up in my work I realize I haven’t left my house or office all morning. Taking time to go outside and breathe in fresh air is so important. Through the ball for your dog or sip some coffee or tea and soaking in some vitamin D might be all you need to get your day started. 
My doggies loving a little morning play time!
Set Intentions.
One of my favorite instructors at my spin class at The Madison Tempe always says before class to set an intention for the next 45 minutes during the class and forget about everything else going on, this way we put our all into the class and let go of whatever we have going on that day. Every time she says it I smile and think how true that is in every day life. Set a positive intention for the day and check in throughout the day to remind yourself of the intention you set. 

Nurture Life. 
Plant fresh flowers, or a vegetable garden, watching the steady growth and life cycles of a plant can be very soothing. Noticing the plants life cycles helps remind us that life is always changing and the beauty in new beginnings. 

If you have time, give yourself a warm bubble bath, or even an at home facial treatment. Pampering yourself and giving yourself this boost will give you confidence throughout the day. 

Sip Coffee, or for me, Chai Tea.
Take the time to sit down and enjoy your cup-o-joe in the morning! Enjoy each sip, the aroma that fills the room, and be thankful for the day and the moment you have to reflect on it. The caffeine boost you will feel after won’t hurt much either!

We hope you can incorporate one of these rituals into your day to help you live each day to the fullest and be present within every moment. Continue to sparkle and love life! xoxo

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